Tips & Tricks


Traffic rules

  • Traffic coming from the right has no precedence. Traffic driving straight through has precedence at both intersections and T-junctions.

  • Keep your distance, it is not customary for everyone to fix their lights or use their flashing lights to let you know in which direction they’re going.  

  • Within residential areas you can drive 40 km/h and outside this area you are allowed to drive 60 km/h unless indicated otherwise.

  • Be careful at roundabouts, each roundabout has its own traffic rules. Keep an eye on the traffic signs to see if you have precedence or not.

  • The roads can be very slippery when it has rained, therefore keep sufficient distance and make sure to adjust your speed.

  • Never leave anything in your car, not even for a few minutes. Before you know it, your window is smashed and your stuff is gone. If it happens, there is a police station for tourists at Mambo Beach Boulevard.

  • There is a steering lock in all our rental cars. When you park your car somewhere, put the steering lock on the steering wheel to prevent car theft.

  • When refuelling, you must pay before you can fill up your tank. If you have paid too much, you can recollect that amount at the cashier afterwards.


Must see/Must do

  • At De Heeren in Zuikertuin Mall you can order delicious breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner. Especially the beef steak is to die for! You should definitely visit this restaurant during your stay on the island. Do you like live music & pasta? Visit De Heeren on Tuesday and celebrate ‘Viva la Pasta’!

  • Install the app on your phone for an offline route description to all the beautiful destinations.

  • Head towards Westpunt and discover the beautiful beaches that Curaçao has to offer. Visit Grote Knip and go snorkeling at Playa Grandi to spot the sea turtles.

  • Would you like to know what the weather will be like? Download the Curacao Weather app.