Rental agreements


Article 1. Object of the agreement

  1. Blue Ocean Car Rental (hereinafter ‘the Owner’) rents a passenger car to the Tenant, which we will refer to after this as the “rental car”.

  2. The Tenant accepts the state of the Rental Car at the moment of signing the rental agreement.


Article 2. Destination

  1. The Rental Car is exclusively intended as passenger car for owners of a valid driver’s license.

  2. The Tenant is older than 21 years.

  3. You can add a second driver, which will cost ANG 5 extra per day.


Article 3. Deposit and insurance

  1. The own risk of the rented car is ANG 750,- this amount will be reserved on the credit card.

  2. The rented car has a all-risk insurance.


Article 4. Costs, expenses and damage

  1. The Tenant is fully responsible at all times in case of gross debt, negligence and driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances that influence driving skills.

  2. The Tenant needs to report any form of damage to the Owner. If the Owner founds out that the car has been damaged on the final day of the rental agreement, an extra sum can be charged since it is not possible to rent out a damaged car.


Article 5. Returning the Rental Car

  1. The Rental Car needs to be returned in the same state as at the beginning of the rental agreement.

  2. The Rental Car needs to be returned with a full tank of fuel to the Owner, otherwise it will cost ANG 25,- for every missing line of the fuel tank.


Article 6. General rules

  1. The reservation can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. If you do not cancel the reservation on time, 25% of the bill must be paid.

  2. The Rental Car can be picked up/dropped off at Hato Airport, this will cost ANG 60,- extra.

  3. It is not allowed to smoke in the Rental Car. When the Owner founds out that there has been smoked inside the Rental Car, ANG 250,- will be charged.

  4. The Tenant is responsible for replacing the tyre in case of a flat tyre. If you need help, call roadside services (9247).

  5. It is not allowed to continue driving in case an indicator light is on.

  6. It is not allowed to continue driving in case the temperature rises above half the meter.

  7. The Rental Car needs to be returned on the last day at the Owner on the same time as the pickup time on the first day. If the Rental Car returns on another time there will be an extra ANG 100,- charged.

  8. In case of an incident with the Rental Car, we are forced to charge ANG 750,-.


Article 7. Applicable law

Any dispute relating to the existing interpretation and execution of this rental agreement will be settled within the exclusive jurisdiction at the court of Willemstad, Curaçao.

Important information:

Car trouble:

Call Roadside Assistance: 9247
Empty battery, running out of fuel, locking the keys in the car, car towage or other car breakdowns? Call the tow service: +5999 514 8555 or +5999 678 8595

Car accident:

Call Forensys: 199
Forensys MUST be called in case of a car accident, also if it’s a one-sided accident. Forensys takes care of the paperwork at the location of the accident. Do not move the vehicle under any circumstances! Always call an employee of Blue Ocean Car Rental as well.

Police and/or fire service: 911

Ambulance: 912